Cork Massage Roller


Roll your worries away with Cork Big Roller. It relieves soreness and tightness in muscles.The smooth texture, size and contoured edges make it very comfortable to grip. The high density of it firmly massages the muscles for quick relief.

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  1. The high density and big size of cork roller gives deep massage to tissues and muscles.
  2. Easy to carry because of the light in weight.
  3. It is Eco-friendlier than foam rollers.
  4. Soft texture of cork gently massages the sore muscles.
  5. Increases blood flow- Promotes elasticity in muscles

Size  :                30 Cms (Length)
Diameter  :    10 Cms
Weight  :          440 GRAMS

  1. Roll it over your tight muscles to stimulate the area.
  2. Stop and apply pressure for 20-30 seconds on tender spots.
  3. Massage your hamstrings by placing the roller underneath it and roll it till your knees to release tightness.
  4. Place the roller under your armpit and lean your body forward and backwards to deeply massage the muscles.
  5. Lie face down to ease tension in your thighs by rolling it from your hip to knee.

Clean the cork massage roller with a cloth soaked in soap solution. Later clean the surface with a dry and clean cloth.

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