Copper Neti Pot


During the cold and flu season, many of us are looking for ways to feel our best. Orenda India’s Copper Neti Pot is a perfect tool to manage sinus related problems. It is exclusively designed with 99% pure copper and sufficiently large to hold enough water for your entire practice.

Holds enough water for one session


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Vegan Friendly

Kills Bacteria

100% Natural

Size  :                19*16*19 Cms

Weight  :          140 GRAMS

We advise using your neti pot in the surveillance of a professional for the first time. Here are some set of instructions to use the Neti Pot correctly:

  • Tilt your head sideways over the sink.
  • Place the spout of the neti pot in the upper nostril.
  • Remember to breathe through your open mouth.
  • Gently pour the saltwater solution into your upper nostril.
  • Let the liquid drains through the lower nostril.
  • Repeat the other side.

100% Natural

Traces back to History

Handcrafted in India

The manufacturing process supports local communities.

Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to one tablespoon of baking soda. Rub the mixture onto your neti pot with your fingers or a dry cloth and then rinse it with water. An alternative to the mixture is to rub it with sliced lemon.