Do you believe in the importance of strengthening your body with yoga and wellness? Do you care about our planet and the impact our individual choices have on it? If yes, we have an opportunity for you to create awareness of our ideal that “Health is a Lifestyle”.

We believe that our health goes beyond what we eat, and includes the health of our planet. Our health is a recipe of what type of bottle we use for drinking water, what surface we practice yoga on, and what fabric we wear while practicing. These little things contribute to our health and environment in a broader aspect. 

If you believe the same and have an engaged social media following or offline community with eco and health-conscious choices, then please join our team. Together we can undo the damage we have done to the earth and to ourselves.

By joining the Brand Ambassador Program we provide your followers with 10% off our eco-friendly products and you get to keep 10% of the total sale! Our Ambassadors are also rewarded with ORENDAINDIA GIFT BOX and exclusive promotions. We have many more opportunities to work together to make a better planet.

 To get started:

  1. Follow us on Instagram @orendaindiaofficial and Facebook @orendaindiaofficial and fill out the Brand Ambassador Program form. 

2. You will  then receive a welcome email with your personalized coupon to share with your friends, family and followers. For every sale made using your code we will send you a report of the sales and a 10% commission on the total sales made using your code! 

  1. Tag us on your photos and we will choose some to feature on our social media pages to help build your following as well as ours.

 Thank you for your interest in becoming our brand ambassador program.

 If you have any questions feel free to email us:

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