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Price: $30 — $3450
  • 600.00

    Orenda India Cork Sand Bag is an affordable pick to get in a full-body workout session. Sandbag training is proven beneficial to improve cardio, strength endurance and flexibility. The outer bag is made of cork which is very durable and soft to touch. Add sand to it for adding the right weight you need for a deeper stretch.

    5 Ways to Use Sand Bag in Yoga Practice

      • Place the sandbag over your thighs and assist your sit bones to stay grounded and lengthen the spine.
      • During Savasana place the sandbag over your abdomen to increase lungs capacity.
      • When in Child Pose, keep it on your lower back to deepen the state of relaxation.
      • Place the Sandbag over your feet in Tadasana to help you root down.
      • Do you have tight shoulders? Don’t worry. Just place your sandbag over your shoulders to gently grounding them to soften.

    Note: Shipping only Sand Bag Cover without filling.