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    Everyone loves getting a massage, but it’s not always practical to get them frequently. With these cork massage balls, you can give yourself a massage every day! Relax and de-stress your body while doing your part for the environment with cork massage balls.

    How Cork Massage Ball is beneficial to you?

    • Improves blood circulation
    • Relieve tightness
    • Decrease soreness
    • Ease joint and muscle pain
    • Work out any knots
    • Increase flexibility


    • 2 Cork Balls
    • 100% Cotton Travel Bag
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    Roll your worries away with Cork Big Roller. It relieves soreness and tightness in muscles.The smooth texture, size and contoured edges make it very comfortable to grip. The high density of it firmly massages the muscles for quick relief.

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    Orenda India Cork Massage Roller is the best yoga prop to compliment your yoga practices. It massages the sore muscles after hot yoga. It helps in increasing the motion of the body which simultaneously increases the blood circulation.