Cork Meditation Cushion


These comfortable cushions give relax to the people who do meditation for long hours. It is made in India from sustainable cork fabric and buckwheat. Cork provides a warm, soft, lightweight cushion that contours nicely to your body. Naturally resists odours and mould. Double-stitched with care for long-lasting comfort and mindfulness on the go.

Note: Shipping Cushion cover with filling only in India.


Vegan Friendly

Repels Bacteria

100% Natural

Size  :                15 Inches Diameter
Thickness  :    3.5 Inches
Weight  :          2000 GRAMS

It is moldable to support your body.

Provide firm and contouring support.

Help you to keep your spine aligned.

Stays cool due to its breathable nature.

Do not attract bugs or insects.

Natural earthy odour.

Cork is procured by shaving the upper layer bark of Cork Oak Trees. No tree is cut down during the process. It takes between nine and twelve years for the bark to grow back thick enough to be harvested again. The tree continues to live and grow. Cork is incredible.

All you have to do is gently scrub the cushion cover with little cleanser and then absorb the water from it using a dry towel.

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