Copper Jug


It has been known for thousands of years that copper metal can inhibit the growth of bacteria,
viruses and fungi. Ayurveda recommends drinking of four glasses of water stored overnight in
a copper utensil every morning. Drinking water from a copper vessel can change a life. This
copper jug is hammered for giving it an alluring and rustic look. It has a perfect shape for
pouring water uniformly and efficiently. Copper is a vessel which is meant to drink from.

Capacity: 1500 ml

Weight: 450 gram


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Reasons are:

  • It strengthens the bone and immune system.
  • Helps in losing weight.
  • Anti- Ageing
  • It enables the body to form red blood cells.
  • Copper destroys and inhibits the growth of microbes, fungi and bacteria.


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