Cork Yoga Block (set of 2)


Add more balance to your yoga asanas or poses with Cork Yoga Blocks. Made from cork, these yoga blocks are more comfortable than any other foam yoga blocks when it comes to rigidity and firmness. Get it today to support your body moving from one asana to others.

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Vegan Friendly

Repels Bacteria

100% Natural

Large Size  :                9*5*3 Inches

Weight  :          1000 GRAMS

Small Size  :                8*4*3 Inches

Weight  :          800 GRAMS

Provides firm grip with support.

Helps in forming alignment, length and flexibility in forwarding bends.

Creates balance while doing push-ups and helps in building the core strength.

Helps to hold the pose for longer.

Cork is procured by shaving the upper layer bark of Cork Oak Trees. No tree is cut down during the process. It takes between nine and twelve years for the bark to grow back thick enough to be harvested again. The tree continues to live and grow. Cork is incredible.

All you have to do is gently scrub the block with little cleanser and the absorb the water from the block using a dry towel.

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Customer Reviews

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Rucha Deshpande

From the one of the cork blocks bits and pieces of cork are coming off since beginning. (I had no time to place return order plus and I needed it, so I kept them! But i wont say I am satisfied with the product/service. Because one block is good and other one I received worn off and old! And I received it in that condition only!!!)
Thank You !