Cork Sand Bag


Hey! It is time to ditch your dumbbells and choose a highly efficient and sustainable Cork Sand Bag. Just fill the sandbag cover with sand and it will help you to activate your full body muscles.  It is an excellent workout for your core. Think of carrying it to your backyard, beach, gym, or yoga class and it will be all set to go with you.


  • Cork Sand Bag
  • Separate Inner Pouch to fill the sand

Note: Shipping only Sand Bag Cover without filling.



Water Resistant

Repels Bacteria

100% Natural

Cork Sand Bag – Large

Size  :                16*11 Inches
Weight  :          100 GRAMS

Cork Sand Bag – small

Size  :                13*9 Inches
Weight  :          100 GRAMS


Enhance core muscles.

Training could be done anywhere.

Fast and efficient workout.

Improve athletic performance

Improve balance

Cork is procured by shaving the upper layer bark of Cork Oak Trees.
No tree is cut down during the process.
It takes between nine and twelve years for the bark to grow back thick enough to be harvested again.
The tree continues to live and grow. Cork is incredible.

Gently rub the cover with soapy water and dry it by dabbing the towel over it. It quickly dries in 10 – 20 minutes.

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Large, Small