Asana Cork Yoga Mat


This yoga mat is all you desire. We have crafted the top layer of the mat by combining natural cork and recycled rubber. However, in contrast, foam is used as a lower surface to provide you extra padding so that you can perform your routines without any hindrance.

Available in two designs with or without chakra

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Non Slip

Repels Bacteria

100% Natural


Odour Free

Tear Resistant

Size  :                24*72 Inches
Thickness  :    5 mm
Weight  :          1800 GRAMS

Handcrafted in India
Cork stripped Barks Regenerates
100% Chemicals Free
Renewable and Recyclable

Roll up loosely, cork side out.

Not machine washable.

After spraying with water or sweating, lay out flat to dry.

When required, simply wipe with a clean cloth and a little

Travelling with your mat? Carry with the strap or use the cotton canvas bag.

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7 Chakra, Non Chakra