Copper Straws (Set of 4)


Straws make sipping your drink more fun. However, plastic straws release toxic chemicals in landfills and oceans. To work on this cause, we craft copper straws. It is the best swap to build a better world together. Say no to plastic straws at a cafe by carrying reusable straws along with you. The lustrous texture of copper makes it a fine addition to ones dinning. 

Vegan Friendly

Anti Bacterial

100% Natural

Size:                8 Inches
Diameter  :    3 mm
Weight  :          40 GRAMS

100% Natural
Omit Single-use plastic
Ayurveda Approved
Handcrafted in India
Manufacturing process support Local Communities

It is very easy to clean your copper straws. Just rinse them with tap water and for deep cleaning, use the brush which is included in the kit with soapy water.

Straws make sipping your drink a bit more fun. However, plastic straws cause lots of pollution. We have a solution to all. These copper straws are the best alternative to plastic straws but also look very fancy. Pair them with your mule cups.

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