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Price: $30 — $3450
  • 200.00

    It is found that about 1 billion plastic straws are used every day worldwide. Because of it a
    a staggering amount of plastic waste is entering landfills every year. We at Orenda India make straws from bamboo which is the best alternative to plastic. They can easily be cleaned, which makes them ideal for everyday use. From today, enjoy your beverages with these bamboo straws. No plastic and no pesticides are used for making our bamboo straws. We made it from 100% natural and organic bamboo which is grown in INDIA and crafted by local Indian artisans. You can use these Bamboo straws as long as you want. They are resistant and easy to clean. Forget about buying toxic and polluting plastic straws ever again.

    Height: 8 Inches

    Diameter: 6-8mm

    Quantity: 6

  • 200.00

    Straws make sipping your drink a bit more fun. However, plastic straws cause lots of
    pollution. We have a solution to all. These copper straws are the best alternative to plastic
    straws but also look very pricier. Pair them with your mule cups.

    Quantity: 4

    Weight: 360 Grams

    Diameter: 5mm