Who We Are

Our Story

The pursuit of Orenda India began in 2016 with an urgency of recognizing alternative solutions to plastic products we tend to use in our daily lives. Our objective is to play an important part in the process of creating a harmony between a sustainable environment and human well being. 

We started with Copper Bottles, a sustainable swap to single-use plastic concurrently serving health benefits. The successful outcome inspired us to introduce a line of health products made using environment-friendly raw materials.

At present, the head office is located in New Delhi where the entire production takes place. Right from the procurement of our raw materials to packaging, we ensure to create a difference through each step of the process and hope to create a huge impact through our actions. 

This is just the beginning of our story. We envision a world where drop by drop, an ocean of sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives exist.

Our Philosophy

‘Orenda’ means ‘the invisible power’ in the Native American language. Expanding to an act of consuming natural objects or materials as transmissible spiritual energy. Well, we at Orenda India reflect this definition in every product. Water consumed from the naturally crafted copper bottle, yoga practised on a sustainable cork yoga mat or starting a morning with a bamboo toothbrush forms a healthy and spiritual union between conscious individuals and our Mother Earth.

Our Mission

At OrendaIndia, we aspire to lead a path formed by joining all the unconventional dots. We are in the process of becoming a one-stop destination for aesthetically pleasing sustainable lifestyle products that outlast their conventional alternative. Selling high-quality products is our top priority as well as providing the best value for your money and the environment. By ensuring that the manufacturing of all the products is based in India, we do our part in providing sustainable livelihoods to the citizens.

About Founder

“We have just got one planet without which we cannot survive. Every conscious choice we make contributes to secure our planet and self well being. A better future is grounded in bold actions made today. Together we can make it happen.” says Yatin Arora, Founder of Orenda India.

Born and raised in Delhi, Mr Yatin Arora started Orenda India with a vision to create a healthy planet with happy people. A Graphic Designer and marketer by profession, he has always been interested in exploring the world, observing people, analyzing relationships and making healthy connections. The combination of his professional and life interests gave rise to Orenda India.

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